Buy Hardware To Build Your Own Home Flight Simulator

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Who hasn’t considered creating his flight cockpit in the garage yet? In this detailed guide, we’ll explain how to construct a house flight simulator, be it for flight training or just for fun.

What Are Your Goals?

First off, it’s important to compose your mind about your goals, before we start thinking about budget plans, devices, software, and setups, as this will all depend on what you want to attain with your house flight simulator.

People build home cockpits for different reasons. You have the aviation lover who simply wants to experience the pleasures of flying virtually for fun. These enthusiasts might be young kids, flying on their home computer with simply a joystick and headphones, or they might be older people with big-budget plans who recreated a whole cockpit in their garage, beating numerous flight simulators setups.

On the other hand, you have people like students, and pilots, who want to take maximum benefit of their time before and between flights to train procedures, navigation, or other abilities, which conserves them tons of cash in fuel and leasing expenses.

Buying the Flight Simulator Hardware

Video gaming Computer

You can either purchase a ready-to-use gaming PC, or you can build your own from scratch. If you’re not that tech-savvy, we suggest just purchasing one that’s ready to use out of the box.

Now, what should you try to find in a gaming computer to power your house flight simulator? You’ll need to get a fast CPU, lots of RAM, and most notably a great video card with memory. A great standard is checking out the advised system requirements of the simulator software you want to use, and getting a bit more than what they recommend, to allow for future versions of the software application that may need the extra capability.

Monitors/Display screen

In some simulator setups that you can find online, people in some cases use a projector to show the world’s exterior. It will provide the best image quality and offers you the most versatility when it comes to setting up your home cockpit.

Instruments and switches

To recreate and imitate a real aircraft cockpit, we will require some basic instruments and switches. Depending upon your budget plan these are a few of the options you have:

•A basic house ‘flight cockpit’ with simply a Yoke/stick, throttles, and rudder pedals;
•An easy cockpit with, besides the fundamental controls, also some switch panels;
•A cockpit with controls, switches, and fundamental physical instruments;
•Physical controls and switches, in the mix with screen-based instruments Yoke/Stick.


A last important part that has a great effect on your simulation experience is sound. Hearing sounds while flying in your simulator is important to making the experience as real as possible. Both engine sounds, outside sounds (wind, etc), and interior sounds will be an important element of your house cockpit setup.

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