How To Choose The Right Electric Scooter In Australia?

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Have you decided to jump feet initially into the world of electric scooters? Possibly you’ve tried to share scooters and want one for yourself, possibly you’ve naturally cottoned onto the cost savings of owning your trip, or possibly Covid has forced you to reassess public transportation. Whatever the situation may be, there are some important points you should be checking when purchasing your first electric scooter.

Right here are points to make sure you choose the scooter that’s right for you:

1: Are you using the scooter for your everyday commute?

Are you intending an electric scooter commute or public transportation commute? If so we would recommend something light (under 12kgs is more suitable) and foldable so you can get on and off easily and with minimum hassle to other users. Will you take the scooter inside with you when you reach your destination? If so, foldable and light are vital. Leaving it outside? It might seem easy, however, is the scooter you buying lockable with a bike/scooter lock? Some are hard to secure, indicating you can’t leave unguarded for extended periods.

2: Weight and Range

You must inspect the specs of the scooter to ensure it meets your weight needs. When doing this, make sure you check out the range/run time of the scooter also. Verify this satisfies what you are trying to find.

3: Safety

It has to be wheel drive which delivers a more balanced (distributes weight across the scooter better) and steady trip. We also recommend a pneumatic tire where feasible to smooth out bumps, and an electric brake is vital.

4: Are you buying your scooter from a reliable source?

Is it backed by an after-sales service? Do not let the prices fool you, electric scooters are no different than any other item, you generally get what you pay. With some imported scooter brands having rates greater than 10%, you want to be buying from a reliable company. You also intend to make sure that where you purchase from will provide you back up with client service and spare parts accessibility must something go wrong.

5: Value for money

There are great electric scooters available for under $1000. As this is your first electric scooter, we would advise looking at this price point for a scooter that’s right for your first trip. Gradually and use you’ll appreciate what features and factors are key for your ride, it’s better to verify it fulfils your requirement and what you are seeking.

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