Know The Difference Between Direct Dyes And Vat Dyes

vat dyes for cotton

Direct Dyes

Direct dyes are sodium salt of sulfonic acid and the majority of them include an azo group as the major chromophore. Direct dye dyeing is completed in alkaline service. This Dyeing procedure is done relatively in minimized temperature. After taking in dyes it tends to hemorrhage off dyes which create disproportion of color, to endure these various types of after treatment.Direct dyes are anionic dyes substantive to cellulosic fibers when used from a liquid bath having electrolyte. Much of them additionally dye protein fibers. Direct dyes are very easy to use and offered in the market.

Feature of direct dyes:

The direct dyes for yarn have some qualities. Followings are the primary characteristics of direct dyes

– Direct dyes are water soluble dyes
– It is anionic in nature.
– Dyeing process is accomplished in alkaline solution.
– Typically made an application for cellulosic in addition to protein fibers.
– Fastness properties are common, especially damp fastness.
– Fastness is boosted after treatment.
– It is not generally used as compared to reactive dyes.

Somewhat economical in rate. Direct dyes are used for affordable goods for the area market.

Vat dyes

Vat dyes are numerous from reactive dyes, acid dyes or azoic color but its application procedure is almost comparable to sulphur dyes. Vat dyes are used for tinting cellulosic fiber, particularly cotton fiber. It is typically used to run the dyeing procedure of cotton threads which is used for producing denim product.The word vat comes from vessel; vat dyes can be used in a vat for pigmentation textile products. Vat dyes are all-natural coloring products which are solubilized in a vat by the fermentation process called vatting. Vat dyes are insoluble in water nevertheless it ends up being in soluble form by vatting procedure. The treatment of transforming insoluble vat dyes right into soluble kinds is called vatting.

Features of vat dyes: Vat dyes have lots of attributes which are required to keep in mind in the past and throughout the dyeing process. Following are the key properties of vat dyes.

– Vat dyes are all-natural tinting dyes.
– Vat dyes are insoluble in water.
– Vatting procedure is needed for making the insoluble vat dyes right into soluble type.
– Final color is developed by the oxidation treatment.
– Vatting is executed in an alkaline solution.
– Fastness residential properties of the dyes are exceptional
– Vat dyes are mostly used for tinting cellulosic fibers.

Thanks for reading out the article and finding it informative. We will absolutely offer you the most effective vat dyes for cotton which have all the properties.

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