Some Useful Hacks: How to Design Your Duplex House?

duplex house design

Nowadays duplex houses are becoming popular among people for the reason of living. A duplex house is a good option for investment as well.

In simple terms, a Duplex is a house developed on two floors. It has a common facility wall surface and is composed of two living units with separate entrances, either side-by-side or on two levels.

And in some cases, both the floors have different access points too. In houses, usually, the first floor has the living room, and the kitchen whereas the ground floor has rooms. Since you understand what a duplex house is, let’s see how you intend the duplex house design and decor of the same.

Work With Open Layout

Open layout indicates removing any type of wall and doors on the floor thus offering you one unified space for living. This can be performed in your entrance where you have a living-room, cooking area, etc.

Separation of Zones

When working with an open layout ensure every area is clearly defined. For instance, you should know where the living area, dining room, cooking area, or other area is. You can also consult with experts for the right placement if you want.

Trying Out Different Layouts

When planning out a duplex house, one thing you need to ensure is the layout of the whole house based upon functionality. Do you need a rest area like a dual sofa or couch bed in the initial floor etc are a couple of questions which you require response initially before settling any positioning.

Think of the Staircase.

If you have a staircase inside the house rather than outside, one of the key functions of a duplex house is the staircase specifically. You can try out hanging staircases or a spiral staircase to include some classic touches.

Use False Ceiling.

There is a reason false ceilings are coming to be everyone’s favorite. With the use of a false ceiling, you can have a particular niche-looking ceiling with wonderful lightning results attained in no time.

Play with Colors

Want to make your home modern, and interesting? Make sure to invest in furnishings with vibrant shades like red or yellow sofa or armchair etc. An accent wall is one wall of the area that can be painted in the shade of your choice or you can make use of wallpaper to highlight it. Using white as the main color, white as the running shade of your entire house is perfect and will provide you with much-needed adaptability to have fun with any kind of design.

Lights for the Living Room

Another superhit design hack for you to quickly lift your duplex house design in Bangladesh is to set up some lights or reduce dangling ones in the living room. They can also be placed right above your table.

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