Tips for Electric Bike Maintenance

electric bike

Whether you have ridden a standard bike before or not, it’s worthwhile to familiarize yourself on your own with the vital parts of the bike to which you need to listen as you enjoy life aboard 2 wheels. Because you’ll also have a motor and battery, it’s important to consist of these two components into your routine bike upkeep regimen, as well.

Tires, chains, and brakes

The more you ride, the more you’ll need to change the moving parts of your bike such as the tires, chain, and brake pads. By simply preserving them effectively, you’ll extend their lifespan and save cash doing so. A basic understanding of electric bike maintenance will help you determine concerns before they quit riding. Fiddly tasks like brake and equipment cables are easy to replace on your own once you understand how?

•Regularly check your tires for signs of wear including the sidewalls. Keep them inflated both for a better riding experience and to extend your e-bike’s battery life.
•Oil your chain with wet lubricating substances in the winter and dry lube in the summertime. Keep in mind to lube again after you wash your bike. If your e-bike has a belt drive, you don’t need to bother with this action.
•Check your brake pads frequently if you use your e-bike a lot. Replace them if they start to run low.

E-Bike motor and battery upkeep

Most contemporary e-bike motors are sealed, so there’s extremely little stress over motor upkeep. If you do notice a problem with your electric motor, we suggest calling us instead of attempting to fix anything on your own.

Batteries are also sealed devices and they also require little upkeep. To get one of the most gas mileage and life out of your battery, there are some actions you can take such as fine adjusting your riding strategy, storing it at space temperature, and keeping it charged up.

Dealing with a lithium battery at the end of its life must be done carefully due to its ecological impact. A lot of manufacturers use a dedicated recycling solution.

Keep your e-bike clean

A clean e-bike is a satisfied e-bike. Throughout the cleaning procedure, take a closer look at the moving components. After you get rid of the battery, use a container of water or a tube pipe to wash down your bike. Small drain openings make certain the water does not spend time with the electrical adapters. Clean the bike down with a moist fabric and leave it to dry before changing the battery.

How should I maintain my bike?

We suggest a fast check of the tires, chain, and brakes before every trip while a more comprehensive clean and inspection needs to be scheduled regularly monthly. In the winter season and during periods when you utilize your bike a great deal, you might need to invest a bit more time ensuring the parts are functioning well and doing as they should.

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