Uses of Solar Panels in Parking Lot

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You’ve likely seen solar panels on roofs, walls, and even in areas. But did you know that you can install houston solar panels in a car park? Solar panel parking areas have been growing in popularity over recent years thanks to their optimal use of space and, naturally, the many benefits of solar power. Let’s take a closer look at how parking lot solar panels work and how they might benefit your business.

What is a solar panel parking lot?

Solar panel parking lots are what sound like solar panel parking spaces. You can install solar panels onto existing parking structures or develop structures to cover them with solar panels. And as a reward, covering the parking areas with solar panels develops a multi-purpose installment.

On the one hand, you’re producing solar energy that can power every little thing from lighting to appliances and devices. On the other hand, the structure holding the solar panels creates color and protects vehicles from the elements.

The result is a win-win for a local business owner seeking to reduce energy costs while improving comfort for workers or clients. Yet let’s dig even deeper into the benefits of mounting solar panels over the car park.

Advantages of Solar Panel Parking Lots

•Minimized electricity usage
•Cost savings

Solar Panel Parking Lot Applications

And also, solar panels lend themselves to a vast array of applications:

Office Buildings: Make your business more eye-catching to staff members and customers alike by offering comfy and protected car parking. You can additionally use the energy that the solar panels above the car park create to power your structure’s lights, HVAC, and equipment, which reduces prices.

Warehouse: Storehouses have more electrical needs than you would expect, such as running devices to procedure stock or for products with temperature needs. These demands amount to 6.1 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electrical power a year for non-refrigerated w and 24.9 kWh for refrigerated uses. Naturally, this makes the car park with solar panels an outstanding service to cut down on electricity bills.

Manufacturing: In addition to using solar energy to power facilities, producers can use car parking structures to protect fleets and equipment from the components getting too hot. Solar panel parking area shade can also produce a more comfortable workplace for those filling and dumping trucks.

Transport: Like with production, solar panels in the car park can help protect vehicles at transport, such as bus and train terminals, flight terminals, and rental cars. This relates to both the components and security: Covered parking offers satisfaction to travelers that leave their cars at, say, the airport terminal for extended periods. This is especially real if you install solar panel parking area lights and safety cameras as well.

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