What are Lumigan Eye Drops?

Latanoprost Eye Drops

Lumigan is a prostaglandin eye decrease that helps fluid drainpipe from inside the eye. When there is less liquid inside the eye, the eye pressure drops. High pressure in the eye is triggered by ocular high blood pressure (high pressure inside the eye) or open-angle glaucoma (among one of the most typical types of glaucoma).

Application for Lumigan (bimatoprost).

Grownups and also children over 16 years of ages: Place 1 drop in the influenced eye( s) once daily at night. Lumigan (bimatoprost) is not FDA-approved for usage in children under 16 years of ages.

Just how much time should you make use of Lumigan eye drops?

In many cases, high eye stress and glaucoma are problems that need long-term treatment. You could need to make use of Lumigan (bimatoprost) for years or possibly for the remainder of your life. Ensure to follow up with your carrier commonly to check your eye stress and also expect adverse effects.

Benefits of Lumigan eye drops.

•Good at treating high eye stress.
•Utilized once daily.
•Less likely to develop adverse effects than many choices.

Tips for Lumigan eye drop.

•Tidy your hands prior to positioning Lumigan Eye Drops in your eyes. Do not touch the dropper tip with your eye, hands, or any other surface area. This will certainly help you to stay clear of eye infections by quiting contamination of the treatment.
•If you wear contacts, remove them as well as wait 15 mins after utilizing Lumigan eye decline to put them back in your eyes.
•After positioning a drop in the eye, shut your eye as well as press one finger to the interior side of your eye by the nose as well as press gently for 1 minutes. This aids ensure your eye absorbs the decline.
•If you are using Lumigan (bimatoprost) at the same time as various other eye medications, wait 5 minutes between each drop to offer your eyes time to absorb each medication.
•It’s hard to inform if your eye stress is boosting at home. Ensure to utilize this medicine as recommended, even if you do not swiftly discover any enhancement in your indications or vision.
•Do not take even more Lumigan (bimatoprost) than suggested. Taking this medication greater than daily can make it less effective.

How long does it take Lumigan eye drops to work?

Lumigan eye drops start about 4 hrs after each dosage. The medicine completely kicks in 8 to 12 hrs after your dose. Your eye stress is finest controlled if you use this medicine daily in the evening regularly. Your service provider will certainly re-check your eye pressure after you have been making use of Lumigan eye drops for several weeks to ensure it is working properly for you.

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