What to Look for When You Buy Glass Pipes?

glass pipes

Smoking, vaping and using dab rigs have seen a big rise in the last few years and as it has become more popular, even more individuals are seeking accessories to help them get their hits. The pipes have evolved from the older, standard glass hand pipes with a long body and much shorter head, instead like the old-fashioned nicotine smoking pipes, to the innovative and well-crafted designs that we see nowadays.

You can even get unique pipes in the forms of pets, extravagant patterns, fumed glass pipes, color-changing or glow-at-night pipes, and also glass smoking pipe defining words. Whatever you’re into, there’s a pipe to suit your interests.

What to Look for in a Glass Pipe?

If you enjoy glass smoking or are wishing to give it a try, how do you know what to look for in a pipe? There’s such a wide range of premium pipes available today that it’s easy to become baffled about which would fit your ideal.

1. Glass that’s Thick and Strong

Let’s face it, we’ve all dropped our smoking pack before now and your glass pipe will be no different. It’s bound to get some knocks so you need to see to it you choose a strong glass pipe, even dual or triple blown glass, to make sure that it’s less likely to break when you unavoidably do let it slide.

2. Design and Color

Among the reasons you’re looking for a glass pipe will be a result of the various looks of them, allowing you to find something unique to you and can show a side of your individuality. When selecting your pipe, this is normally one of the most important elements that individuals pick.

3. Carb

You need to make sure that the hole is not too wide or as well narrow. You need to take it consistently and don’t desire your lungs to feel like they get on fire.

4. The Size

This is depending on what you want and how you wish to use it. Do you want a hand pipe that you want to bring in your pocket? Will you need to travel with it? These are elements that are worth considering when purchasing a glass pipe. The last thing you want is a great cumbersome thing when you want to take it over to a close friend’s house.

5. The Bowl

The bowl must be the ideal size. This will depend on the amount that you tend to smoke. If the bowl is a bit small for you this will suggest that you spend a lot of time preparing your smokes rather than coming down to it.

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